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is a Web3 application by Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 Srl, with registered trademark in Europe and U.S.A., developed from an idea of Giampiero Zito, inventor of UIBM Patent (Reg. no.: 1020200007453) named:

“Integrated methods and technologies to track and certify workers skills and smart working activities, and to multiply welfare services within a sharing economy logic.”.

Our vision places technology at the service of the individual (human centred approach):
the worker as an player of Society 5.0!

Thanks to Workers Badge, the Worker or the jobseeker will be able to obtain and demonstrate to stakeholders a personalised electronic file with all their work history tracked and certified in Blockchain.


Blockchain with ALGORAND’s Permissionless consensus mechanism Pure Proof of Stake. Thanks to decentralisation, block speed and scalability, Algorand allows the “notarisation” of data through HASH imprint for documents, certificates and certifications.

DIZME Blockchain to verify and issue identity credentials for natural and legal persons through KYC procedures, managed directly by the user (Self Sovereign Identity) according to the INFOCERT (Qualified Trust Provider Service of EIDAS) and AMLET scheme.

Artificial intelligence for profiling activities, workers’ skills assessment and study of behavioural patterns for the purpose of suggesting ad hoc proposals.

Chatbots for a better user experience and Machine Learning algorithms for calculating Worker’s productivity.


Training contents

Training contents available in asynchronous mode for self-financed training of employees and freelancers and in synchronous mode for training funded by Interprofessional Funds.
Training moments might be provided by Workers Badges directly, or by company’s in-house Academies as well as Training Bodies accredited by regions; the participation to said moments and any eventual certification exam will be recorded on the wallet of a worker possessing and already verified identity and therefore included in a single electronic file, a real CV in blockchain!

Agile working

Tools for collaboration and “agile” working among Workers, allowing the measurement of the work-flow and of respective performances (level of productivity), thanks to KPIs analysis and proprietary machine learning algorithms. The module (under development) provides that the workload assigned and/or agreed in the contract phase to the Smart Worker is constantly certified in blockchain.

Welfare and well-being

The level of performance achieved and the number of skills acquired, appropriately assessed, allow the Employer to provide the Worker with merit-based corporate welfare benefits (health care, education, travel, etc.), thus encouraging greater engagement, favoring a climate of well-being in the workplace and improving work/life balance of the Worker and his family.



Project financed through/funded by
Brevetti+ Measure of Invitalia Spa

Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 srl
Registration in the Register of Innovative Startups of 6 August 2019

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